Monday, January 25, 2010

Bush, Fascism, and the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Imagine a government that is so in league with corporations that it under regulates them to the point where it is disastrous to the corporations themselves. The auto industry, the banks, we've been there, done that. Now we have a Supreme Court, furnished by that corporate lackey George W. Bush, that takes it one step further.

Now, corporations can donate millions, or billions to the candidate they choose. Perhaps our senators can start wearing jackets with logos a la NASCAR. Yes, the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are as entitled to free speech, and donations, as private individuals. Goldman/Sachs can go to their petty cash box and donate a million dollars to each and every senator.

Has it dawned on anyone that now, foreign governments can sponsor our politicians? It doesn’t matter whether or not foreign corporations will be deemed ineligible for these donations. Where do multi-national corporations lie within this irresponsible ruling? Let’s say that Saudi Arabia wants to keep oil prices high or renewable energy a far flung dream. They can donate funds, through their own corporations, through multinationals such as Exxon, or through dummy corporations set up here in the US to any politician(s) that will ensure just such an outcome. If a Chinese bank donates money to a senator, it will be the Chinese government calling the shots.

In fact, now foreign governments can start grooming young politicians to run for federal office. China can groom a few, Yemen can groom a few, Russia can groom a few and when the time comes for these politicians to be sworn in, they will be given their marching orders. None will question who is buttering their bread.

So thank you Mr. Bush, thank you Supremes, now we lazy Americans can outsource the running of our government to people who really care about America— Corporations and foreign governments, be they friend or foe.

And some call Obama a fascist!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What did Harry Reid into the nation?

Harry Reid’s comment that Barak Obama had a good chance to be elected president because he was light skinned and had no African American accent is supposedly racism— Nonsense.

Do we think that Harry Reid would not vote for a dark skinned black man? I recall the original Saturday Night Live where Julian Bond(the State senator from Georgia and NAACP Chairman) told Garrett Morris that lighter skinned blacks were smarter than darker skin blacks. Is Julian Bond a racist? This was followed up in another show where Cicely Tyson was interviewed by Garrett Morris where she stated that black women were superior to black men and that black men were shiftless and lazy. Is Cicely Tyson a racist? When Obama was criticized for not being black enough, was that racism?

Race exists in politics in America. Recognizing this is not racism, it is pragmatism. All Harry Reid was doing was point out that some voters would be more comfortable voting for a lighter skinned black man with a mellifluous speaking voice than a darker skinned man with a heavy African American accent.

Who would deny this? We all need to take a deep breath and grow up.