Monday, February 22, 2010

Health care, Medicare, any care at all

We need a single payer system—The government should pay for everything. I don’t understand how the Republican party, who is so pro-business could be so anti-business when it comes to health care. Yeah, they’re afraid of government taking over the whole country sure but only when they are not in power. The Republican’s under the last administration oversaw the greatest expansion of government this country has ever seen but that’s another story. The rest of the industrialized world has a single payer system. Are we smarter than everyone else? I didn’t realize our educational system was that highly ranked, because it’s not.

Since I sell bindery equipment I have to compete against the Europeans and the Japanese. Guess what? Those companies don’t have to pay a penny for health care but I do. Is that fair? I build a machine and my expenses are higher because I have to pay for a portion of my employee’s health care while my competitors get a free ride. Perhaps the Republicans don’t care that I have to compete abroad or even here at home. Perhaps they don’t realize that I am one of the few dealers left that sell machinery built in the US. Maybe they’ll figure it out after I’m extinct.

Before GM went bankrupt they spent more on health care than steel. Yet the Republicans don’t care. All they care about is instilling fear in the populace towards their political ends. Case in point: During his campaign, John McCain proposed deep cuts in Medicaid. During the health care debate in December he complained that the bill would impose “draconian cuts” on Medicare, even though the proposed cuts were far less than he had proposed months earlier. The Republicans have been trying to cut the cost of Medicare for years!

Medicare is a perfectly good system. Everyone on it likes it. I propose expanding Medicare for those aged 60 and above immediately. In two years lower the eligibility to those aged 55. In another two years to those aged 50 and so on.

If you want to be afraid of something, be afraid that America won’t be able to build anything in the future short of credit default swaps.


  1. Give me 3 gov't programs that are run efficiently. Then let’s evaluate SS(going bankrupt), Medicare (going bankrupt), and the miniscule Cash for clunkers program that Car dealerships still haven’t been reimbursed for and some were put out of business because of it. Gov’t doesn’t and CAN’T run anything like a “Business”, because they don’t give a shit. Simply because it’s not THEIR money they’re losing when spent frivolously……. And you believe they can successfully run a $1,000,000,000,000.00 program…….. BASED ON WHAT EXAMPLE??????????????

  2. Well Medicare is run well. Are you telling me that GM can run a business? I used to believe that private business was more efficient too until our businessmen started only thinking about short term gain rather than long term thinking. How many car dealerships went out of business because of GM's short term thinking?

    The pendulum swing of regulation vs. deregulation has swung way to far to the latter. This is why we're in the mess we're in. We don't need less government, we need good government. I know that is probably too much to ask right now but we can still hope.

    Like I said, every other industrialized nation in the world handles health care this way. What makes us so smart?

    Do you really think insurance companies give a S**T?

  3. I shouldn't even respond after ur comment "Medicare is run Well"!!!!!! By who's standards??????

    The Premier From NF Canada came to the US to get a Heart operation and so do many other Prominent People.... Reason...It's the best Health-care in the world, for now anyway!!!!! FYI..... NEWS FLASH!!!!! Ford didn't take a dime and they are digging out on their own..... Gov't bails out companies that should fail....... THE GOV'T is NOT a business entity and doesn't have it's own money!!!!!! It's there for oversight....not managing....
    Also, what Industrialized Country with 350,000,000 people has anywhere near the health-care as the US?????? Your PH%$^ing dreaming.... Can't wait for November 2010!!!!!!!!