Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Graph Expo show was unexpectedly busy. Almost all of the exhibitors I spoke to were thrilled with the turnout. While some exhibitors were not present, it did not keep back those interested in growing their business. Perhaps business owners are more investment savvy than those who lead us in government. Many decision makers came to Chicago to invest in the future of their business. If only our leaders would do the same. Those who do not invest in the future are doomed to wallow in stagnation and may, soon, find themselves out of business. Let us not forget that this year 100% of your capital equipment can be written off. See my previous blog on this subject.

I know that many of you do not attend trade shows. There was a time that you could visit a show locally but that time has passed. National shows like Graph Expo, On Demand, and Graphics of the Americas are important shows because without them, where would you shop? If shows like these go the way of regional shows it will mean that you will have to fly to each and every distributor or manufacturer that does not have a local dealer. Nor do they sponsor lectures and workshops to assist you in keeping up with today’s market.

So the next time a trade show comes around, think about going. The expense is nominal and a good education is worth the money.

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